Daily Fantasy Football Strategy Description

This page is designed to educate the public on what we are talking about and how we come up with our picks.  Below you will find the general outline of each podcast along with specific terms and stats that we will be using on a week to week basis.  We will be podcasting Wednesday nights and uploading them on Thursday mornings before the next week of football starts.  The first podcast will be up on September 8th 2016 which is first NFL regular season game of the 2016 year.  The podcast can be found on Itunes, Stitcher, Youtube and we will have them available directly on our website.  We will also be linking all of our social media so please don’t forget to like us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Every show will be brought to you in SOAP Note Format, which is what all doctors have to complete as records after every office visit.

SOAP Note Format – Everyone in the medical field should be familiar with a S.O.A.P. note.  SOAP stands for subjective, objective, assessment, and plan.  This will be the format for every weekly podcast.

Subjective – The subjective portion of the soap note is what the patient is describing how and what they are physically feeling. To us this is our picks and the outcomes from the previous week, basically looking at what worked and what didn’t from the previous week.

Objective – The objective portion of the soap note is the evidence that is found during the examination.  To us this means the physical data, research, Las Vegas Odds and the defensive diagnosis.  Its information that gives you the ability to make a good diagnosis.

Assessment – The assessment portion of the soap note is the diagnosis and goal of treatment.  To us this means breaking down players to target in tournament and cash based games.

Plan – The plan portion of the soap note is what has actually been performed in the visit and what the plan going forward is.  To us this is your weekly prescription to win giving you the best possible players to play each week.

The Game Chart

The game chart is a weekly breakdown of all 16 NFL games being played, using the Vegas spread and over/under as our raw statistics.  As doctors we are taught to work smarter not harder, this is the strategy we have used with determining the best possible games to pick players from.  Las Vegas odds makers have way more resources and research behind making the odds than anyone really knows, which is why we trust them to give us an accurate representation of which 6 teams will be scoring the most points on a weekly basis.  The formula is simple, take the over under divide it in half and add half the spread to the favored team to identify your total projected points for each team.  

Patriots vs. Bills – O/U @ 50 pts with Bills favored by 5, (50/2 + 2.5) = 27.5 projected points for Bills

Defensive Diagnosis

When selecting that perfect line up in your daily fantasy sports you need to look for the best match ups.  The defensive diagnosis segment will consist of the top 6, player vs. defensive schemes, which will be favorable to result in high outputs of fantasy points for that player.  A number of criteria will be considered such as Vegas odds, player status and potential, trends and analytics, specific defensive packages along with situational coverages.  The defensive diagnosis will identify the disease in your thought process and give you the remedy to fix it and win big.

Fantasy Flat Line

A fantasy flat liner is a player that has a high player salary and is typically viewed as a must start player, however when looking at the current matchup his performance will not live up to the high salary value.  Think of flat liners as good overall players that won’t live up to their potential on this specific week, a lot like busts!  We recommend staying away from these flat line players as they are more likely to kill your lineup this week.

Fight or Flight Response

Fight or flight is a sympathetic response to an outward stimulus. In fantasy sport terms this is a player that is either going to go big or go home.  Think of these players as sleeper’s or people who have low player salaries but high point potentials.  Most winning line ups will have at least one fight or flight player included.

Prescription to win

Our prescription to win is a template that you can apply to your own strategy, to make the perfect line up.  The prescription to win is base off our own unique research and analytics.  We start with the weekly Vegas odds on all 16 games identifying the highest scoring teams of the week.  We then apply our own defensive diagnosis to evaluate exactly which players will have the best odds of scoring during those games.  The prescription to win should give you a good idea of which matchups to target, the players we expect to outperform their salary value, and affordably priced players to plug into you line up in a pinch.  The prescription to win gives you the proper dosage needed for a victory.