Fanduel Fantasy Football Rules

Fanduel is a daily fantasy sport site.  Daily fantasy is characterized by cash and tournament games that can be played daily or weekly, however they generally do not extend longer than one week.  There is no snake or auction draft process, as you are given a salary cap of $60,000.00 to purchase any active player in the league as long as you stay within that $60,000.00 cap.  

The benefits to this include not being locked into players all season if there is an injury and not being limited by other league members stealing your draft pick.  Fanduel is set up as a .5 PPR or Point Per Reception League with no bonuses.  Fanduel does include a kicker as part of their leagues which receive 3 points for every field goal, 1 point for every extra point and bonus points depending on the length of the field goals made.  

When you select a game you want to play (tournament/head to head/double up ect.) you will be asked to draft your team, remember you are playing against other fantasy owners who can select any active player in the league, so it is possible to roster the same player as other owners.  Below we have outlined the exact rules and regulations for playing Fanduel games along with a breakdown of the scoring system.

Fanduel Fantasy Football Roster








You must be 18 years of age or over as well as a resident of AND physically located in the USA or Canada to make a deposit or play in any FanDuel contest with an entry fee or prize. If you are physically located in Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, New York, Nevada, Texas or Washington, you cannot deposit or play for real money. For further information regarding eligibility, please consult our official

Scoring Summary

QB 1pt/25yds passing 4pts/ TD Pass -1pt/ Interception
RB 1pt/ 10yds rushing 6pts/ TD 0.5pts/reception
WR 1pt/ 10yds receiving 6pts/ TD 0.5pts/reception
TE 1pt/ 10yds receiving 6/pts TD 0.5pts/reception
K 3pts/ 30 or less field goal 4pts / 40-49yd

Field goal

5pts/ 50+ yd field goal
Def 2pts/ interception 2pts/ fumble recover -4 to 10 for points allowed

Scoring Specific Breakdown

Offense                                                               Defense

Rushing yards made = 0.1pts                                Sacks = 1pt

Rushing touchdowns = 6pts                                Opponent-fumbles recovered = 2pts

Passing yards = 0.04pts                                               Return touchdowns = 6pts

Passing touchdowns = 4pts                                 Extra Point Return = 2pts

Interceptions = -1pt                                                Safeties = 2pts

Receiving yards = 0.1pts                                                Blocked Punt/Kick = 2pts

Receiving touchdowns = 6pts                                  Interceptions made = 2pts

Receptions = 0.5pts                                                 0 points allowed = 10pts

Kickoff return touchdowns = 6pts                     1-6 points allowed = 7pts

Punt return touchdowns = 6pts                                    7-13 points allowed = 4pts

Fumbles lost = -2pts                                                  14-20 points allowed = 1pt

Own fumbles recovered touchdowns = 6pts       28-34 points allowed = -1pt

Two-point conversions scored = 2pts                       35+ points allowed = -4pts

Two-point conversion passes = 2pts

Field-goals from 0-19 yards = 3pts

Field-goals from 20-29 yards = 3pts

Field-goals from 30-39 yards = 3pts

Field-goals from 40-49 yards = 4pts

Field-goals from 50+ yards = 5pts

Extra-point conversions = 1pt

Notes: For purposes of FanDuel defensive scoring, points allowed are calculated as:

6 * (Rushing TD + Receiving TD + Own fumbles recovered for TD ) + 2 * (Two point conversions) + Extra points + 3 * (Field Goals)

Contest Lock Times

Contests lock when the first game starts for that slate. That means no more entries and no more lineup changes. Let’s say you’re looking to join a Sunday NFL contest and the first game in which players are eligible for selection in that contest kicks off at 1pm EST that day. You’ll need to enter and make your last lineup change by 12:59pm – not a minute later.

For more information please visit the Fanduel Football Guide page or the regular Fanduel Rules page.